Sexy, Long Eyelashes

Plush, sexy, long eyelashes brings a whole new meaning to “The Natural Look.” One of the top five services here at Pure Harmony Day Spa is one that is bound to make others take a double look at you. Here is what our client Stevie has to say about them.

I’d like to share my eyelash extension experience and let me start by saying that I’ve had my eyelash extensions for over five years. Needless to say, “I’m hooked!” Friends, co-workers and even strangers comment about my eyes. When friends ask me how long they last, the answer varies on how well they are maintained. The initial application takes about two hours and all I needed to do was lay there and possibly take a little nap. After this two hour process you are going to look in the mirror and say, “Wow, why did I wait so long to try this?” Your lashes will be longer, fuller and darker. The best part is they will look this good for the next two to three weeks with very low maintenance. You do not even have to put mascara on them so imagine how much time it will save you in the morning. Unlike the faux eyelash strips, no one will ever suspect the extensions are not your real lashes because they are glued individually to each of your own natural lashes. Having said that, your natural lashes grow out and so will the extensions. In order to keep them looking full and beautiful, you must get them touched up every 2-3 weeks. This process only takes half the time and once again is painless, quite relaxing and oh, so worth it!

So what are you waiting for? Ditch the mascara, take a little “Me Time” by coming in to relax and leave with beautiful, lush, sexy eyelashes! Because you are worth it!

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