Nail Care


Express Pedicure $35
For weekly maintenance appointments. Dry pedicure with quick cleanup & polish. Does not include foot soak or callus work.
Spa Pedicure$45*
Dry skin is history with our invigorating sugar scrub. This service includes a hydrotherapy whirlpool foot soak, nail and cuticle trimming, callus exfoliation, foot and leg massage followed with polish.
Signature Pedicure$55
All of the pedicure basics are included in this service with the addition of an exfoliating sugar scrub, cooling clay mask, deeply moisturizing Eco-Fin Treatment, and relaxing leg and foot massage will leave your feet feeling brand new.
Milk & Honey Pedicure$65
Enjoy the silkiness of an Organic Milk soak & warm honey mask, followed by a relaxing warm stone massage.
Organic Medicated Pedicure $60
This pedicure uses all organic & natural products with minimal scents is great for sensitive skin as well as those with Diabetes. Scents include: eucalyptus, mint, green tea, and other herbal products
CBD Infused Calming Pedicure $55
Pure calm CBD infused pedicure to help with soreness & releasing stress and tension.


All manicures range in pricing based on style & design and technician. Call with any questions.

Express Manicure $25
For weekly maintenance appointments. Dry manicure with quick cleanup & polish.
Naked Manicure $30
For an in between Express & Spa manicure. Includes light soak, cuticle trimming, buff & shine. Can also apply clear coat or neutral polish.
Spa Manicure$35
Dry skin is history with our invigorating sugar scrub followed by a rich, nutritious lotion, nail filing, cuticle trimming, and a relaxing hand and arm massage, buffing or polish makes this a great treatment for everyone.
Signature Manicure$45
Pure hand-pampering delight. The manicure includes the basics of cuticle maintenance, nail trimming, buffing, filing and polish but is alleviated by a gentle sugar scrub, deeply moisturizing Eco-Fin Treatment and soothing hand and arm massage.
Milk & Honey Manicure $55
Enjoy the silkiness of an Organic Milk soak & warm honey mask, followed by a relaxing warm stone massage.
Dip Manicure $45
Express manicure with dip added on.
Dip Manicure w/Removal$55
Shellac® or Gel Manicure $40
Receive up to 14 days of high-performance wear and shine with no nail damage. The best part is there is no dry time!
Shellac® or Gel Manicure w/Removal $45
Gel X Manicure$65-110
Nail extensions applied as well as Shellac/Gel polish. Pricing varies based on length, style, and design.


Eco-Fin Treatment$10
Aromatherapy Add-on $10
French Polish$5
Shellac® $15*
Dip Add-on $15
Shellac Removal with service $5
Shellac® Removal without service$10*
Dip Removal with service $10
Dip Powder Removal without service $15
Additional Massage$10
Nail Art $5+ varies based on design
Tip Add-on $10
Warm stone add-on $10

*$5-10 upcharge for senior nail technicians.